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With energy bills rising with very little end in site, there is an answer:

solar electric.  With a solar electric system you can reduce your

monthly electric bill and at the same time help the environment. 

Who do you call for a 1st class solar system?

1st Class Solar DBA Ron D Elctrical Service LLC can come by and give you a free estimate. A team that has the experience Electric usage determination viewing 6 months to one year of electric bills Electrical system determination Pre-inspection of roof (further inspection may require expert roofing contractor) Help with permits from C&C, HECO, and neighborhood design associations Layouts and design documentation with installed system Complete system by one company at an affordable price Call today and soon you’ll be saving with a 1st Class Solar system.
1st Class Solar is a full fledged installer of Solar PV panels.  Experience and know how has lead this company to excel in an industry full of competition. Born from a company with many years of experience, 1st Class Solar has the ability to last and provide years of support for your system.  1st Class Solar has teamed up with a select elite group of solar suppliers and manufacturers to ensurer you receive a quality install, quality equipment, and quality solar power for years to come. According to DSIRE, federal tax credits for solar electric panels are expected to expire in 2016.  Please consult with your tax preparer for exact details. Hawaii state tax credits for solar electric panels do not have an expiration date however, please consult with tax preparers for your tax credits and applicability to HRS 235-12.5 and Temperary Administrative Rules dated 11/16/2012 for changes.
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New St. Francis building with over 300+ solar panels across the complex.